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Elwayโ€™s Is Staying: Frequent rumors have been circulating that the upscale restaurant, Elwayโ€™s, might be leaving Cherry Creek and moving to the DTC. It appears that these rumors were overstated. Elwayโ€™s Restaurant will be signing a five-year extension on its existing lease.

Elwayโ€™s has been a local favorite for many years in Cherry Creek; and it quickly became destination dining for people citywide. Many of the menu selections are widely considered to be among the best in metro Denver. Although many new fashionable restaurants have opened in Cherry Creek over the past year, Elwayโ€™s still possesses unique menu choices that are distinct from any potential competitors in the area.

Elwayโ€™s originally signed a 15-year least at its current Cherry Creek location, and two years remain on that lease. Tim Schmidt, the managing partner of Elwayโ€™s, believes that the Cherry Creek Mall is still a dynamic shopping area, and thus it serves an ongoing asset to the restaurants in the immediate area.

ย The Cherry Creek Business Improvement District (CCBID) continues to strive forward to improve the business environment in Cherry Creek North. ย The efforts of this organization result in many benefits that are not always apparent.

Many Cherry Creek residents notice the neighborhood maps, signage, and seasonal lighting that enhance the business district, but there is more to the hard work of the CCBID than meets the eye.

Cherry Creek North business district is among the largest contiguous business districts in the United States. People from the surrounding metro area enjoy Cherry Creek North for its wide array of shopping, restaurants, art studios, world class hotels, and more.

However, as one walks through the streets of Cherry Creek North, the diversity of people here proves that it’s more than a local gem, but a destination for national and international visitors to Denver.

The CCBID has published its 2016 Annual Report. Cherry Creek North is energized and exciting. Take a moment and view the research within this impressive report.

To access the report, pleaseย click here.


ย  ย The Cherry Creek Camera Club has resumed its regular meetings, and the photography presentations throughout 2017 / 2018 are expected to be magnificent. There are several professional photographers who have joined the club; couple with a variety of talented amateur photographers. This eclectic mix of talent results in the production and presentation of beautiful photos. The club, under the skilled leadership of Ron Brady, has created noted photographs that have raised money for community and national charities. In 2017 the club members sold photographs that raised over $3,000 for The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. This cause was championed by Dick and Terri Cohen. The Cherry Creek Camera Club is expected to assist additional charitable events in the future. This club isย an emblematic example of how caring individuals gather to enjoy a hobby, and simultaneously give back to our community.