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Another New Excercise Option in Cherry Creek North:

The space at 2nd and Clayton Street previously occupied by Hapa Sushi Grill & Sake Bar is transitioning into Cherry Creek North’s newest fitness center. Orangetheory, a somewhat specialized athletic facility, will soon occupy that space.Β 

Over the past few years several new specialty workout facilities have moved to Cherry Creek North. AKT, Kinetic Fitness, The Bar Method, Tru Fit, SoulCycle, and StretchLab are the most recent additions to the health and fitness scene in Cherry Creek North.

Each facility caters to a special type of consumer. For example: AKT specializes in high intensity dance, and SoulCycle focuses on spin classes, providing a niche cardiovascular training for those who like the intense indoor cycling experience.Β 

The Orangetheory fitness concept departs from most other health clubs. The health facility name aptly describes the goal of each participating member achieving the “Orange Zone” through intense interval training.

Tim Johnson purchased the Orangetheory franchise from the parent company located in Florida. It’s one of several Orangetheory gyms located throughout the metro Denver area. Johnson was previously known for co-founding CorePower Yoga, which has spread in a ubiquitous way throughout the metro Denver area.

Tim Johnson, co-founder of CorePower Yoga, is the president of the Orangetheory fitness franchise in Cherry Creek.


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