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Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Association Director Profile:

Adding a small note to this post: Dale Rudolph was very reluctant to be a featured personality in this post. Her reluctance was easy to identify and observe by the staff at CherryCreek.Life. She is humble and wants to give back without obtaining personal credit. We feel she deserves the following personal credit, and the text describing Dale could be much more substantial. 

As part of a series of Cherry Creek News articles, we are going to feature the Directors of the Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Association (CCNNA) This group of individuals are dedicated to assisting with all aspects of neighborhood issues that might affect all Cherry Creek North residents. We start this series with a profile of Dale Rudolph. Please take the time to read her remarkable story:

Dale Rudolph:

Dale is leading the CCNNA Committee for the Sip and Savor 2020 event. Please direct to the CCNNA website https://ccnneighbors.com/ for more information. Dale and her committee have crafted a very worthy charity event, and we trust many neighbors in Cherry Creek North will be anxious to participate.

 The following paragraphs detail what an extraordinary person Dale is and how she contributes her exceptional skills to enhance the lives of all residents of Cherry Creek North.

The first article features Dale Rudolph. Dale is an exceptional person in many ways, but her dedication to improve the Cherry Creek North neighborhood is very impressive, as you will see in the following paragraphs:


Dale was born and raised in a small rural town in southwest Georgia with a population of 3500. Her father was a large and small animal veterinarian and she loved traveling with him all over her home county, Macon County, and surrounding counties. She watched him interact with farmers and helped him work with animals.  These visits to small Southern farms built her strong belief that all people have similar desires and hopes for themselves and their families.  She also saw that not all people had the same opportunities but that hard work is the way to success.

Dale, where did you spend most of your adult years?

My husband Bill and I moved to his hometown of Clarksville, TN after his graduation from GA Tech and his 2 years of military service.  I graduated from Agnes Scott College and completed my master’s in educational administration and supervision at Trevecca Nazarene University after our move to TN. We raised 2 children in Clarksville:  David who lives in Atlanta with his wife and 3 children and Carrye who lives in Denver with her husband and 2 children.

While our children were young, I worked at several part-time jobs including tax accounting and my own catering business.  When our children were in college and high school, I taught chemistry and biology in Clarksville until I moved to our district’s central office as the science consulting teacher.  In 2016 with funds from Obama’s Race to the Top initiative, I was charged with developing a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) program for our district from kindergarten through 9th grade.  With support from the district superintendent and teams of teachers we developed, wrote, and implemented a district-wide STEM educational program for 28,000 students.

Until my retirement, I was tasked to provide all professional development, ensure fidelity to our STEM program, and implement necessary changes to continually improve the curriculum to meet the needs of our community and its students.  The 2 most successful components of the STEM program were the problem-based learning strategies that students used to master their science and math standards with the use of technology and engineering skills and the externships that teachers participated in over the summer.  Many teachers have never worked outside the classroom and the externships helped teachers see how the skills they work to develop in students are the skills that students need in their careers.

When and why did you move to Colorado?

My husband Bill and I moved to Colorado in August 2014 after my husband sold his business and I retired from a wonderful career in education.  We moved to Denver to be near our daughter, Carrye, her husband Nick, and their 2 sons.  Carrye and Nick chose careers in academic medicine at UC Colorado Health Center where Carrye is a pediatric oncologist and Nick is a pediatric and adult urologist.  Often, they work exceptionally long hours, so we are the emergency caregivers for our grandsons. We feel extremely fortunate to live near them where we enjoy spending time with them and influencing their development.

In the six years we lived here we feel that Colorado is our home and seldom refers to TN as home.  We are thankful that we luckily chose the Cherry Creek North neighborhood and live in a beautiful area with wonderful neighbors who are kind, intelligent, well-read, and share many of our interests.

How and when did you begin volunteering with CCNNA?

As part of our efforts to meet people in this neighborhood, we joined the CCNNA after we received the first newsletter following our arrival in Denver.  Later we received an email inviting interested neighbors to join book clubs. I responded, and Judi Albers as chairman of book clubs for the association placed all who responded to the email in book clubs.  I continue to belong to and enjoy that same book club.  When Judi was ready to retire from the chairmanship of the Association’s book clubs, she asked me to take over her duties.  I accepted and still enjoy working with the many book clubs in our neighborhood.

Soon after that, a Board member asked me to work with Susan Thompson on a wine tasting event.  Susan and I changed the name of the annual (sometimes twice a year) event to Sip and Savor in 2017.  Doug Haeussner designed a logo for us and made important changes the next year to show that this event was not only a wine and food tasting event, but was a benefit event for our neighbors to give back to the Denver community.  Susan and I wanted to raise as much money as possible to give funds to organizations that needed additional funding.  We also changed the location of Sip and Savor to the rooftop of Room & Board.  Room & Board asked us to support Urban Peak, a non-profit focused on working with homeless teenagers helping them move into productive and safe lives.  Proceeds from Sip and Savor also have been donated to Ross-Cherry Creek Library. In 2019 Susan remained on the Sip and Savor committee as the person in charge of communications and the website.  Judi Rana worked with me as a co-chair of that event.

In our efforts to increase the funding we could give to non-profits we developed a silent auction of themed gift baskets and the size of the committee increased to work on the wine and food tasting and a silent auction. 2019 Committee:  Dale, Judi Rana, Susan Thompson, Linda Barker, Cindy Bauer, Julie Bonicelli, Mary Moriaty, Elissa Bracho, Toni Dragatsis, Bids for the 6 baskets raised $9,000.00.  Ross Cherry Creek Library and Urban Peak received $8,817.89 in 2019.  Funds remaining from 2 corporate sponsors (RBC Wealth Management and Susan Meissen) were used to purchase wine glasses, tablecloths, speaker system, ice buckets, utensil holders, waste wine buckets, clipboards, acrylic sign holders.  These are stored ready for future use.

I was nominated for the Board in late fall 2017.  After interviews, I was asked to serve on the Board and to oversee CCNNA’s Block Building program in early 2018.  I accepted and later that year accepted the job of secretary.

Describe Sip and Savor 2020.

A small committee (Dale, Judi Rana, Linda Barker, Susan Thompson, Julie Bonicelli, Michelle Smith) began meeting about Sip and Savor in Fall 2019.  We met with Room & Board who agreed to host our event again and set the date for September 17.  The placement of food and wine vendors was changed, and a new place for the silent auction was located.  In response to guests’ comments, we developed plans to continue the silent auction with smaller themed baskets each with one anchor item. The food and wine vendors from the 2019 event were contacted and they agreed to donate wine and food again, except for one vendor that had closed.  Plans were progressing, and then COVID 19 appeared.

Once the committee realized that this pandemic would probably prolong into September, and knowing that the Governor recommended only small groups of people gathering together for preventive health purposes, and we were afraid of endangering the health of our neighborhood, discussions began on how to change Sip and Savor. Because restaurants and stores were struggling financially, we decided to ask for no donated food, wine, or silent auction items and host a tasting at Room & Board, but to focus on our neighborhood giving back to a non-profit that will help many Denver residents who need assistance during this pandemic.

The group decided to donate funds to the Food Bank of the Rockies and to thank our residents with a cherry dessert and a yard sign.  The yard sign would recognize and thank donors and would also show all those who walked in our neighborhood or drove through the neighborhood what a caring and giving group of people live here.

RBC Wealth Management agreed to be an event sponsor and Liv Sotheby (Kathy Staiano and Jeff Bernard) generously donated as an event sponsor to cover the costs of this event.  Room & Board offered the store’s parking lot as a place for neighbors to pick up their desserts and Maggy and Mollie’s will make cherry desserts. Because of these generous donations, residents will make their donations to the Food Bank of the Rockies directly to the food bank and the donations are 100% tax-deductible.  Because Food Bank of the Rockies does not release the names of donors or the amount of the donations, our neighbors will return to the CCNNA website and register for this event indicating if they want a yard sign and how many cherry desserts ($40 donation per dessert). The committee will deliver the yard signs and we hope to cover our neighborhood with “We Gave” signs.  The fund drive begins August 17 and ends September 17.  Donors can pick up their desserts from 6:30 to 7:30 pm by driving through the parking lot of Room & Board.

Why do you volunteer?

I learned from my parents to value people from different backgrounds and with different opinions.  In the small community where I grew up, I learned how people working together can accomplish so many things.  I began volunteer work as a student in school when we participated in service projects.  I realized that I get a great sense of satisfaction from working with others to help others.

When we moved to Cherry Creek North, I searched for ways to become involved and work to maintain this great neighborhood.  I also found that volunteer work is a great way to meet people and make new friends.  I retired at 5:30 on August 4, 2014, to move to Denver.  Volunteer work has met my need to stay busy and involved in activities that I think are worthwhile.  At this time, I dedicate my volunteer hours to Cherry Creek North and to Denver Botanic Gardens where I facilitated student groups and serve as an ambassador.  When the pandemic allows student groups to participate in Botanic Gardens educational programs, I looked forward to working with young gardeners again.  Now I volunteer as an ambassador.